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Month: December 2017

Benefits of Massage in Winter

Winter months decrease our opportunities to do our favourite sports.   With the dark nights we are more likely to stay indoors, exercise less, sleep and eat more.  But with Massage this can really boost the body again.


This time of year is all about picking up coughs and colds, massage is proven to help boost the immune system.  Massage therapy increases the lymph flow which is packed with white blood cells, which then go off and fight infections around the body, therefore boosting our immune system and helping us to fight infections better.


Are your hands and feet cold? Do your muscles aching more than normal?  Massage plays a crucial role in increasing circulation and providing stress and pain relief throughout the colder months.  Regular massage enhances blood flow and body warmth, helping to increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body.  Treat yourself to a warm and relaxing massage to ease those muscles.


Our skin gets drier over the winter months.  Massage therapy improves skin hydration during these months with oils and lotions that are used in massage as they contain lots of Vitamins to nourish the skin.  You’ll not only feel better on the inside but be glowing on the outside too.


Massage creates positive changes in the endocrine system where hormones are formed.  With regular massage this can have long term benefits on your health as after you receive a massage cortisol levels decrease (the stress related hormone) and oxytocin levels are raised (the happy hormone)  leading to the release of serotonin and endorphins, relieving the stress and enhancing your mood.


Massage has become a big part of many people’s lives in our busy and frantic routines.  High stress jobs, endless personal obligations, the list goes on….  Getting regular relaxing massage can be an excellent step towards improved well-being.  Stress plays a big part in our lives today and to reset the balance relaxing massage can certainly aid this release.  It’s so important these days to take time out for you.  It will help with improving your sleep and giving you more energy than before.

A sleep disorder and massage

Sleep DisordersMassage is often used to help babies sleep, and it can be useful in treating sleep disorders in adults. Massage is one of several hands-on strategies known collectively as bodywork and if you’ve ever had a good, thorough massage, you know the feeling of being “worked over.” But you also know how relaxing it can be.

The benefits of massage are many. It is regularly used in sports clinics and rehabilitation centers to loosen or soothe sore, aching muscles. Massage also helps to reduce stress, improve circulation, release tension, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and possibly even strengthen the immune system, these relaxing effects may therefore make massage a helpful aid in restoring restful sleep. Massage may be especially beneficial in treating sleeping problems that stem from stress, migraine headache, pain, and muscle and joint stiffness.

You might want to spring for a massage from a professional. One session may be all it takes to get you hooked. If you do opt for a professional massage, be sure to tell the practitioner if you have any particular illness or injury that they should be aware of, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.