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Month: April 2015

Pomegranate and Oil in Massage Cream

pomegranate-oil-462129287-1024x580Depending on the type of massage cream you use, there may be one or more super foods found in the product’s formula. While research on the topical application of fruit and vegetable extracts is lagging behind the numerous studies focused on the benefits of actually consuming them, there may be some potential benefits from one popular super food that you can incorporate in the session room.

Often, the reason various foods achieve their super status is due to the antioxidants they contain. Antioxidants are known for their ability to fight free radicals, which can damage the body and overall health, accelerating the aging process along the way. antioxidants

In pomegranates, the primary class of antioxidants present is called polyphenols. These chemicals are the driving force behind the rich red color of pomegranate seeds, which almost look like tiny jewels. However, the polyphenols in pomegranates do more than make them red—they also serve as antioxidants that can assist in shielding cells from damage and possibly reduce inflammation throughout the body

Aromatherapy and better sleep

1Three selected studies found aromatherapy to be effective in improving overall quality of sleep; seven studies showed aromatherapy was effective in improving sleep disorders; one study found aromatherapy increased satisfaction with sleep; and another study reported aromatherapy as effective in improving sleep efficiency.1

When comparing studies, researchers found that aromatherapy administered via inhalation therapy was more effective than aromatherapy administered via massage therapy for the promotion of sleep. The analysis also showed this effect was greater among study participants with a disease, as opposed to healthy study participants.

“Analysis of the effect size of aromatherapy on sleep indicated that aromatherapy significantly enhanced sleep,” stated the study’s authors. “The effect size of aromatherapy on sleep was smaller than the effect size on anxiety, depression and stress but was larger than the effect size on pain. Thus, aromatherapy had a moderate effect on sleep, which was greater than its effect on the alleviation of physical symptoms but smaller than its effects on psychological and mental factors.”